Cast of Characters


    Frank Sturgeons "Coast to Coast"
    Spend some quality time with one of the America's great radio and television personalities.  Frank has been broadcasting his nationally syndicated talk show "Coast to Coast" for over 40 years!  From Woodstock to Mir, Frank has been there, and he'd love to tell you about it.

    From the Desk of Larry Festiva
    Larry answers "Tonight On The Web's" viewer mail,  in addition to hosting "The Larry Festiva Show" on The Baumbauer Network.  He's crass and cranky and that's why we love him.
(Just don't call him a muppet, it really pisses him off.)


   Meet the man who knows everything...Hu Da Phuk
    When someone is asked a question they can not answer, what do they say?
    "Hu Da Phuk knows!"
    And they're right! He does!

    Find the future with Wondero the Magnificent
    Tap into the mystic world with our own prognosticator. Read your horoscope, have your tarot read or ask him what the future holds for you!
    And best of all, he's free!

    Hunt for the truth with Kenneth Snipps
    Venture into the unknown with a man who is admittedly confused, but willing to try!  Uncover government conspiracies, the truth about UFO's and how Gordon Lightfoot sank the "Edmund Fitzgerald"  just so he could write a song about it.
    The truth is OUT  there.

    Marty and Irving Finklestein
    The Finklestein brothers are "jacks-of-all-trades" and they bring their vast assortment of business ventures to Tonight On The Web.  
    Currently the boys are working on perfecting the latest in medical technology, the On-Line Breast Exam.  With little (or no) medical experience, the Finks must admit that their methods may not be as successful as those conducted by a real doctor, but they still need volunteers.
    The Continuing Adventures of Dogman
    Listen in on the story of America's strangest super hero.
    Dogman is a fully animated-Audio Only presentation, by the Tonight On The Web - Repertory Theater Company.  It is part of our Theatre of the Imagination  series.