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A message from the CEO of Snackos Foods International
Mr. Auric Goldfinger
"Thank you for considering buying Snackos brand cheese-flavored snacks.
Not only do Snackos contain half the fat of leading brands, but they taste like it too,
so you can be assured that you are getting a healthier alternative to great-tasting food.
Also, with each purchase of a box of Snackos, we will contribute money to
Snakos' "Save Our Children" program.
This program is aimed at improving the life of each and every child in America by helping me
obtain control of the United States monetary system.  In fact, 50% of all
program proceeds are skimmed off the top to fund my secret sub base near
San Diego and purchase nuclear missile technology from Loral and the Chinese government.
I know some of you may say, "Do you expect us to talk?"
No...I expect you to buy!
Let us eliminate whatever opponents stand in our way.
And in case you wish to make your own donation,
yes, we are non-profit, so your money is tax-deductible.
Make a $50 contribution and receive a free Snackos Refrigerator Magnet.
So enjoy Snackos today and
look forward to a brighter tomorrow today as well.  Good day."
                                -Mr. Auric Goldfinger
Remember kids...
Snackos are now 100%
Lead-Paint Free!
So tell your Mom
she has no more excuses!